Oil & Gas

For oil and gas gathering, we deliver a tough, environmentally friendly product that stands up to the harshest environments and most demanding applications. Since it is not affected by dissolved solids, brine, and H2S, our pipe will not corrode or tuberculate.

ENERGY Pipe PE4710

Our ENERGY Pipe is a PE4710 high-performance bimodal high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe designed for oil and gas gathering, multi-phase fluids, raw water, brine water, coal bed methane, landfill methane, and leachate. It has superior toughness and resistance that stands up to the harshest environments and most demanding applications.

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Our ENERGY-DOT PE4710 Pipe is a high-performance bimodal, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe designed to meet the requirements of federally regulated pipelines transporting natural and other gas under the jurisdiction of 49 CFR 192. ENERGY-DOT is manufactured in conformance with D2513-11, which also conforms with D2513-12ae1, the most currently referenced version in the federal code, and does not contain rework material, in conformance with 49 CRF 192.59(d).

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