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We deliver the ultimate protection for your vital resources and your business.

We do it by providing superior service and the most dependable products on the market, thanks to our passionate employees and state-of-the-art facilities. As a member of the SCF Partners family of companies, we have the resources to fully support all your piping needs. We are US-owned and -operated and proudly manufacture our products right here in the USA.

We deliver a complete pipe system designed to solve the root causes of the market’s biggest challenges. We strive to deliver continual improvement and lasting value to our customers.

That’s what makes us a leading manufacturer of high-performance polyethylene pipe for a variety of applications including drinking water, irrigation, mining, industrial, sewer, and oil and gas gathering and distribution.

Sustainability isn’t a buzzword around here.

We at PLP are extraordinarily proud that in virtually every application our products help protect the earth, ensure safety, and conserve our most valuable resources. And they do it better than any other piping product in their class.

Our products: HDPE pipe is the only major piping system today that is joined by heat fusion. This results in a continuous pipe without any joints, grouting, or gaskets. The risks of bell and spigot installation and operation challenges are eliminated as well, resulting in a pipe which is 100% leak free. Preventing leaks in water systems conserves our water resources and reduces pumping costs, the most significant energy cost of water systems. Likewise, there is no infiltration or build-ups of contaminants. HDPE pipe is not only ideal for open cut installation but is the predominate choice for trenchless installation methods which significantly reduces the carbon footprint of pipeline rehabilitation and replacement as well as protecting established trees and property. These same advantages provide similar benefits in all HDPE applications, such as transport of oil and gas, chemicals, and mining slurries.

Pipe Production: Numerous studies and models show that the carbon footprint of HDPE pipe is significantly less than traditional materials such as iron and concrete. These conclusions are based on full life cycle consumption, including extraction of materials, forming of pipes, transportation, installation, in service use, and final disposition of waste. Since PLP HDPE has a life cycle of 100 years in many applications—twice that of most traditional materials—its use is even more earth friendly. At PLP, all raw materials are used or reworked, with no waste or byproduct. Likewise, all our plants are purpose built to recycle process water and maximize energy-efficient use of our equipment and facilities.



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