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The most durable pipe on the market

Thanks to its engineered structure and balance of strength and ductility, you don’t have to baby our pipe during installation like PVC. Better yet, it offers unmatched flexibility. HDPE pipe can be bent up to radius 25X the nominal pipe diameter. So, it’s easy to change direction when the terrain changes—you don’t need the fittings and thrust blocks or restraints that other pipe materials require. Since the strength is built into the pipe itself, during installation you can use more native soils as backfill instead of expensive sand backfill.

  • 100% leak proof

    100% leak proof

    Because it is fused instead of relying on joints, our pipe provides a piping system that simply does not leak. So, it completely eliminates infiltration and exfiltration problems.

  • Corrosion resistant

    Corrosion resistant

    Our pipe is not affected by dissolved solids, brine, and H2S, so it will not corrode or tuberculate. It also isn’t affected by corrosive soils that attack ductile iron. And since it does not support biological growth, it doesn’t clog.

  • Range of sizes

    Range of sizes

    We produce diameters of pipe that other manufacturers don’t offer with a size capacity up to 65″ to meet all your project needs.

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