Products of Pipeline Plastics


For demanding oil and gas gathering related applications where long-term performance of a leak free - environmentally friendly product is the material of choice. Coils up to 2,000' and diameters up to 65" provided by strategically placed manufacturing sites within close proximity to the nation’s largest active plays.


From potable - municipal water applications to raw water and sewer applications, our water products provide for a reliable, leak-free, low maintenance, and safe pipe system designed to last for generations. Diameters up to 65" and multiple manufacturing sites for quick and timely delivery.

Factory Mutual

For meeting the demanding requirements and rigors of fire water protection systems, as well as water and other process piping applications. Available with or without red stripes in sizes from 2” up to 65” in three pressure classes.

Industrial & Mining

From precious metal mines to our nation’s power plants, our pipe is dependable and can withstand a wide range of pressures and temperatures in above and below ground applications. Diameters up to 65" for applications in rigorous environments such as slurry, process water, marine, and mining.