Pipeline Plastics, LLC is pleased to announce an expansion of its operations with a second HDPE pipe plant to be located in Belle Fourche, South Dakota. This plant will service the growing energy market in the Bakken Shale Formation in North Dakota and Eastern Montana, as well as other energy markets in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah, and mining, irrigation and municipal markets in the region.

Pipeline Plastics, LLC started manufacturing HDPE pipe in the fourth quarter of 2011 at a new manufacturing facility located in Decatur, Texas, and has just recently already more than doubled its capacity at that facility. Monty Fisher, President and CEO of Pipeline Plastics, LLC, said “We have an aggressive growth strategy to position our company as a major player in the HDPE pipe industry on a national level. Although we may be a new company, we have staffed our business with seasoned industry professionals and have equipped our operations with the latest extrusion technology available worldwide.”

The HDPE pipe industry has grown substantially over the past few years driven by growth in energy and market share gains in municipal water. “We are bullish on the industry in general in both the energy and water sectors. New drilling technology has opened up the United States’ oil and gas development which has created unprecedented growth in that market for HDPE pipe. And, HDPE pipe continues to gain market share in the municipal markets due our product’s superior performance with leak proof joints and lower lifetime costs over other materials,” Fisher said.

The Belle Fourche, South Dakota location was selected over many other sites in the region for its geographic advantages, as well as the positive business environment in South Dakota.